Thursday, June 07, 2012

A prayer for today - June 7th 2012

O Holy One,
break through our moments of tired cynicism,
illuminate the darkened corners of our souls,
lift our spirits and
remind us again that You are Our God,
and that our days and moments are in your hand.

Loving One,
whisper to our hearts and souls
and soothe our worries and apprehensions,
take from us our fears and burdens,
and grant us strength and courage
even in the face of a troubled and tumultous world.

You alone know the breadth of what faces us Creator God,
and you alone can bring to us the courage and strength we need.

Be present in our lives, and in our hearts,
be present in our communities, and in our world.

Touch those who are ill,
comfort those who are frightened,
calm those who are angry,
accompany those who are lonely,
strengthen those who are weak,
welcome in those who are marginalized,
and remind us again that together we are
your church,
your children,
the very incarnation of your Kingdom,
and send us into the world to live and share the Good News,
now and always ...

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