Friday, April 27, 2012

God of all seasons,
it has been a week of change and unexpected surprises.
it has been a time of sadness and sorrow,
at time of comfort knowing you are with us ...

Be with us as neighbours, friends and family
struggle with the loss of loved ones,
and the sorrow that washes over us in those moments ...

Be with us as our circle of community
seeks to make sense of happenings and events
that have touched us and left us reeling ...

Be with us as we yearn for spring
but still feel the cold bite of winter ...

Be with us as we lift our voices in song and prayer to you,
yet still wonder if you are listening and if you hear us ...

Holy One,
God of all seasons, God of all time and space,
God of all that is and that shall be ...

Be with us ...
send your spirit to move among us and within us,
bring comfort and strength to lives,
and fill us with the hope
that sent the disciples forth from the upper room
boldly out into the world
joyously proclaiming their certainty of The Resurrection.

We are your children O Holy One,
We are your Church,
Be with us as we seek to embody and proclaim,
the faith and hope you have given us.
In your blessed and holy name we pray ...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prayer for today - April 24th 2012 ...

God of infinite suprises ...
We awaken to a world of breathtaking beauty
and soul embracing awe ...

When we think we have it all together,
You shake it up and leave us laughing ...

Be with us in the midst of the cold and snow,
just as you are with us in the sun and warmth ...

Be with us as we gaze outside in bewilderment
and comfort us with the knowledge that we live in your world ...
your creation ...
your garden ...
your playground ...

O God of infinite and bewildering suprises,
today the world beyond the window is ful
full of awe and wonder
full of blessings and gifts galore ...

Be with us in the frustrations and fears
that come with inclement weather and unexpected moments ...

Be with us as we journey through our day
and hold us in your love and care
today, tomorrow and always ...

In your name we pray ...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Prayer for today - April 23rd ...

"Peace is not the silence of cemeteries." - Oscar Romero

Holy One ... we tread through the hallowed halls of memory,
we walk the gravel path through aged and cracking stones,
we hear the brush of the wind through the sprouting grass,
we feel the warmth of spring sunshine as we linger ...
as we remember ...
as we say farwell ...

Holy One, this week our Easter Journey has meandered
into the peaceful silence of a cemetery filled with saints and sinners,
filled with memories and recollections,
filled with lives both celebrated and forgotten ...

Holy One, through our remembrance
we have recalled the lives of those who have gone before,
and we have celebrated where those lives have touched ours,
but more importantly, we have recalled
the gift of life everlasting ...

Be with us in our memories O Blessed and Holy One,
and be with us in our flickering moments of sorrow ...

On our Emmaus journey we pass the cold etched stones
and we remember ... but our companion bids us on ...
on to life ...
on to life everlasting ...

Holy One, be with us in our journey,
and hold us as we linger in a place of death
remembering the life that has been,
and affirming the life that continues unabated
in your Holy and Grace-filled presence ...

In the peace of our remembrance,
may we find the peace that surpasses all understanding ...

In the peace of our remembrance,
may we find the peace of your presence ...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Prayer for today - April 17th ... in the quiet of the morning ...

Gentle One, in the quiet of the morning
we find ourselves in your presence without seeking you ...

in the soft music offered by the birds flitting here and there,
in the warm dappled sunshine that dances silently across the floor
in the the curling vapours rising from the mug of hot coffee
in the unfolding of the day ...
we find you and your indelible presence throughout creation.

As we pause before the hurry of the day begins
be with us, bringing serenity and shalom.

Grant us the peace of your presence as we ready for our day.

You alone know the many worries and concerns we carry
You alone know the hurts and burdens shouldered around us
You alone know the shadowy places that need your presence

Loving God as we think forward into our day
we see the faces of those around us who need you
as names arise within us, we offer them to you
our concerns and care
rise like the tendrils of steam above our morning coffee
dancing, floating, lifting upward
our thoughts, concerns and worries
are taken from us and carried to you ...

Hear our prayers O Holy One,
the ones we dare to utter
and those we hide away afraid even to acknowledge.

Hear our prayers as they rise to you
and in your love answer them
by pouring out your love and presence
upon us and upon our circle of community ...

Loving God, in the quiet of the morning
we find you, and release our prayers,
be with us ... hear us ... comfort us ...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Prayer for today - April 16th 2012 ,,, Resurrection ...

Loving God, your servant Jesus spoke the words from the cross:

Into your hands I commend my spirit ...

Today you will be with me in paradise ...

Loving God in the quiet hush we yearn to hear those words,
to believe those words,
to feel the truth and power behind those words ...

Too many whispers around us speak of loss
and mask the weeping that comes with death ...

Our circle of community struggles
losses seem to pile upon losses,
brokeness breaks in upon brokeness,
tears of sorrow and sadness
are more abundant then smiles of joy ...

And yet in that moment when all seems lost
we hear the voice of comfort from within
speaking the familiar yet ancient words ...

Into your hands I commend my spirit ...

and we know you are with us ...

We hear that promise ...

Today you will be with me in paradise ...

and we know this is not the end.

Holy One, move within and among us
touch our hearts and minds

remove the doubt and fear
and replace it with hope and certainty,

remove the sorrow and sadness
and replace it with joy and trust.

Holy One, we know the promises of resurrection,
yet some days those words seem distant and cold ...

... today move among us and through us
transform us from an uncertain and doubt filled people
into a Resurrected community proclaiming our faith
and living our lives knowing we are never alone
and we are never seperated from that love
that holds and sustains us throughout our life.

Hear our prayers O Holy One,
and in your love answer.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Prayer for today - St Benedict Joseph Labre ...

O Holy One, today I've read the story of your servant
Saint Benedict Joseph Labre,
one who lived on the margins of the Church,
one who was shunned from to the edges,
one who lived like those he has become a patron to ...
the homeless ...
the neglected ...
the rejected ...
the mentally ill ...
the forgotten and marginalized
who linger in poverty
and who struggle along the periphery.

O Blessed One, on this day as we hear again
the story of Thomas, the one who dared to express his doubt,
remind us again
that faith is not about comfort and complacency,
faith is about taking chances,
faith is about living on the edges,
welcoming in those who lurk at the periphery
embracing those who struggle to find a place.

O Risen One, be with us in the coming days
comfort us in our weakness,
grant us strength in our moments of fear,
embrace us when we find tears rising to our eyes,
and remind us again that we are never alone ...

In the coming days be our companion,
our guide,
our friend,
our companion,
and the one who challenges and comforts us ...

Be with us O Holy One as we remember
the many servants like St Benedict Joseph,
who have served and celebrated the Church
while living on the margins ...
and as we remember,
may we have the courage to include them
and welcome them ...

In your name we pray ...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Prayer for today - April 12th 2012 ... Thomas ...

Holy One, I am struck by the words:
behind locked doors ...
for fear of the Jews ...
The message of the Resurrection
loomed over them as they gathered,
the Good News hadn't sunken in,
they failed to comprehend,
the simply didn't know what to believe.

And then you were there.
Peace Be With You
My Peace I Give to You
The words echoed within them
yet I doubt they knew what to think
what to believe ... the quivered in fear.

And so your reassured them,
you spoke to their fears
you soothed their uncertainties
you sought to comfort them ...
... and they struggled to comprehend.

Holy One, as we again approach these familiar tales,
open our eyes, our hearts, and our minds
to the whisper of Peace that you still offer,
speak to our fears and uncertainties,
comfort our doubts and confusions,
show us again what it means
to fall to our knees like Thomas
and utter those profound words of belief:

My Lord and My God ...

Risen One, we yearn to know,
be with us in the moments of crisis,
comfort us in the times of darkness,
and guide us through the shadows,
that we may once again
hear your voice,
feel your presence,
and celebrate our experience
of Resurrection in our lives and in your's.

Holy One,
Risen One,
our friend
and our Hope,
hear us as we pray ...

Monday, April 09, 2012

Prayer for today ... open tombs, mysterious strangers ...

Risen One ... our day began in deep dark silence,
tear fell too easily as we considered the loss,
as we embraced the enormity of death,
as we experienced the breadth of sorrow ...

In the darkness she went first to mourn and to weep,
in the darkness she found the tomb, broken and empty,
in the darkness she cried out and fled searching ...

Together in the breaking dawn they came to see ...
Running, hearts pounding, pulses racing,
they came to see if what she said was true ...

Empty ...
Gone ...

Uncertainty broke in upon them ...
from grief they fled to fear and horror ...

Death was one thing,
but a missing body was something different ...

Standing alone she heard her voice whispered
whispered by a familiar voice
whispered by the Risen One ...

Grief and fear gave way to joy ...

The missing one had returned ...
The missing one had risen ...
The missing one had been found and shows the way ...

"Mary" he called her by name ...
bringing her from a place of darkness
to stand blinking in the fullness of God's welcoming light ...

And so the day began ...

... and it ended in a room ...
They gathered, talking, discussing, arguing ...

what did all of this mean?
how has this happened?
what is happening now?

Confused and uncertain, they gathered in a familiar place
where he had prayed
where he had washed their feet
where he had broken bread
where he had poured out the cup
where he had taken a deep breath and plunged into the night ...

They gathered, waiting, wondering, praying ...

And suddenly he was there,
the missing one had come
the missing one had risen
the missing one was found anew ...

My Peace I give you,
he whispered with a smile,
My peace I give you,
he said breathing new life through the room ...

In the darkness the light had come,
in the uncertainty came awe and wonder ...

Risen One ... you called them by name ...
you guided them through the dark and lonely places ...
you whispered to thier hearts to trust in God ...
you revealed yourself in that moment that comes
when darkness gives way to light
when life continues on in the face of death
when hope glimmers and pushes aside cynicism and disbelief ...

Guide us from the garden through the streets O Holy One,
take us by the hand and lead us from doubt to believe ...
take our hands and place them in yours ...
reveal yourself in the unexpected place ...
show yourself in the breaking of the bread ...
Transform us from fearfilled disciples cowering in the dark,
to faithful messengers proclaiming the message:

He is Risen, He is Risen INDEED !!!

Hear us as we pray O Holy and Risen One,
and be with us in our journey.


Friday, April 06, 2012

Prayer for today - Good Friday

O Suffering One ...
the sound of the suffering still echoes within us ...
the slashing of the whips,
the sting of the slaps,
the thwhack of the blows,
the pounding of the nails ...

we hear and feel the sounds of today ...

we hear the fleeing footsteps of your disciples,
the denial of your friend,
and the mocking of the crowds ...

O Suffering One,
we can not begin to grasp what is happening around us ...

Our hearts cleave while our souls fear ...
We want to stay and we want to flee ...
We want to draw nearer the cross,
but we want to find a place away from the dying ...

O Suffering One,
as the warm sunshine beckons us to forget,
the silence and the suffering reminds we simply can't ...

Be with us in the darkness,
hold us as we pass through the shadowy places,
and carry us when we stumble down the lonely path we trod.

O Suffering One,
be with us as we struggle to stay with you
and to remember and once again witness
the suffering ... the loneliness ... and the dying ...

O Suffering One,
there are no words to offer ...
there are no more tears to shed ...
there is only silence ...
the silence of suffering and death ...
the silence left by those who turned and ran ...
the silence that came with the darkness ...
the silence of a world that would kills its hope ...

O Suffering One,
in the silence we wait ...
in the silence we wait ...
in the silence we wait ...

... and all we find is silence ...

... a deep and defeaning silence ...

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Prayer for today - on the eve of the beginning ...

Brother Jesus,
what thoughts ran through your mind
in this in-between time?

Did you sit outside in the spring sunshine
as the preparations were made?

Did you smile at the banter from inside
as you looked to the events about to unfold?

Was your heart at peace knowing God was with you?
Or was your soul troubled knowing what loomed before you?

O Brother Jesus, did you know what was in store for you?

Did you cherish the moments with your
circle of family and friends,
breaking bread and pouring out the cup,
celebrating the richness of God's Grace
and recalling where God's presence has been revealed?

Or did you weep inside,
knowing this would be the last
the last gathering with your friends,
the last breaking of the bread you would enjoy,
the last moments of your life?

O Brother Jesus, in this time of waiting
and anticipating ... show us a glimpse of what you felt ...

As we prepare for what is looming before us,
grant us the peace that comes within the darkness ...

Be with us as we try to follow where you will lead ...

Be with us as we struggle in the shadows ...

Be with us as we sit with you and wait ...

O Brother Jesus, be with us as we pray ...

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Prayer for today - April 4th (waiting for the journey to begin)

O Holy One, we stand poised in the middle of week that ends badly ...
Around us many are crying out; yearning for the touch of your presence ...

Loving One, as we continue our journey through the streets of Jerusalem
remind us that we are never far from your presence
and your love has never failed nor abandoned us.

Hear our prayers for our
and strangers.

Hear our prayers for those
who are grieving,
who are hurting,
who are lonely,
who are afraid,
who are struggling,
who are overwhelmed
and who feel the burden of despair.

Hear our prayers for
those who are in need of comfort
and those who need to know your presence.

Hear our prayers O Loving God,
those we have dared to speak,
and those that linger within our hearts and minds.

Hear our prayers,
and in your love answer.

Dayenu ... Dayenu!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Prayer for today - April 3rd (a prayer of anxious waiting)

Servant King,
a few short hours ago you entered the city to triumphant shouts,
The crowds cheered and celebrated
the gathered people chanted "Hosanna in the highest"

Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord.

But even as the echo of the hooves clattering on stone faded,
the chants and cheers turned to jeers.

Instead of taking the city you focused on the temple,
tables overturned,
coins thrown about,
merchants disrupted.

They screamed "How dare you?"
as your up ended their commerce
and questioned their values.

How dare you?
they shouted as you disrupted their comfort
and challenged their complacency.

They ran to the comfort of the authorities,
gnashing thier teeth and weeping crocodile tears
playing the victim while cherishing their shekels.

"How dare you?" screamed as you questioned the status quo

How dare you?
How dare you?
How dare you?

The Hosannas faded away in the realization
of what your Kingdom would be.

The Hosannas faded away as people
tried to protect the comfortable and familiar.

The Hosannas faded away as the path
turned from triumph to tragedy ...

Today O Holy One, we hear thier voices ...
we hear their bitterness and their fear
we feel their anger and resentment
we see the lengthening shadows
we know what lies ahead ...

Be with us in the gathering quiet
that looms before the storm ...

We know where this journey leads ...

We know the blood soaked hill lies ahead ...

We know the Hosannas have given way to Horrors ...

Be with us in the quiet,
hold us in the shadowy places that cause us fear,
love us even when we've turned away and fled.

Servant King ... in our hearts we want to cheer
Hosanna in the highest
but today our fear tells us to remain silent
and guard our words instead ...

In the quiet of the waiting, be with us,
forgive us, and love us in spite of ourselves ...

Hear our prayer O Blessed One
and be with us as we try to follow ...

Monday, April 02, 2012

Prayer for today - April 2nd

Holy One ...

there are simply no words to offer this day ...
the news within our community overwhelms us
it brings a wave of sadness that crashes down upon us.

We pray for the broad circle of family,
and the many places the lives of those who have gone
touched the lives of young and old throughout our community.

Hear our prayer for the grieving,
for the recovery of the battered and bruised,
and for the community weeping bitter tears of sadness.

Holy One, be with us as we pray.
Be with us as we pray for friends and neighbours.
Be with us as we pray for our community.

In this Holy Week, our shadowy places have become real.
The sorrow and sadness has come close to home.

Be with us.
Hold us in your love.
Carry us in your strength.
And envelope us in your Shalom.

These things we ask today in your name.
Hear our prayers O Holy One,
and grant us your presence and your strength,

In your name we pray ...

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Prayer for today - Palm Sunday

O Servant King,
we hear you approaching.

The clip clop of hooves grows ever louder,
the rustle of palm branches and cloaks grows urgent,
we hear you coming, but we are not ready ...

Our expectations are not yours,
what we want differs from what you offer,
we want a Triumphant entry into the city,
we want victory and rejoicing
we want to feel the surge of Holiness ...

But in the coming hours our enthusiasm will wane,
our passion will cool
our cheers will turn to jeers
and like your disciples we too will abandon you ...

We will busy ourselves with other things,
plans for the long weekend,
dinners and gatherings,
chocolates and treats,
preparations for the celebrations to come ...

And we'll forget the long dark days
we'll avoid the shadowy places,
we'll stay clear of the loneliness and suffering.

It's all too much for us,
so we will leap from Hosannas to Hallelujahs
avoiding the horrors that lie between ...

Forgive us O God,
Forgive us and love us despite our shortsightedness.

Be with us today, and in the coming days,
let us hear the gentle clip clop of hooves on the stones,
let us hear the shuffle of sandals in the dusty streets
let us hear the echo of shouts in the halls and courtyards
let us hear the thunderous silence of your disciples,
let us hear the bloody thwack of whips, slaps and suffering
let us hear, even if we stop our ears,
the events and happenings in the streets ...

Events and Happenings that lead us from
the triumphant entry into the city
to the quiet prayers over bread and wine
to the empassioned pleas in a darkened garden
to the suffering and the dying ...

O Servant King,
be with us in the coming days ...
take us by the hand and lead us ...
lead us to the shadowy places that await us
and give us the courage to persist in our journey ...

O Servant King,
hear our prayer ... AMEN