Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Prayer for today ...

O Holy One,
Come build your church ...
some blocks fit together smoothly and easily,
others need some cleaning and shaping,
some just do not fit and bring challenge and opportunity ...

O Holy One,
be with us as we struggle to find our place,
help us work and live with others as they struggle too,
remind us that each of us are different, and our diversity is grand,
be with us as we seek to build your Church ...

O Holy One,
open our eyes to see the opportunities,
open our hearts to embrace our diversity,
open our beings to the work that is to be done,
and be with us every step, every moment, every breath ...

O Holy One,
we are your church,
and yet we tend to tear down when you call us to build up,
we fear the unfamiliar and the different,
we yearn for uniformity and sameness ...

But then your Holy Spirit come and blasts through us and around us ...
Be with us O Holy One ... and inspire us to look beyond what is,
and to embrace, welcome and celebrate what will be!!

thanks be to you O God. AMEN

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