Thursday, April 05, 2012

Prayer for today - on the eve of the beginning ...

Brother Jesus,
what thoughts ran through your mind
in this in-between time?

Did you sit outside in the spring sunshine
as the preparations were made?

Did you smile at the banter from inside
as you looked to the events about to unfold?

Was your heart at peace knowing God was with you?
Or was your soul troubled knowing what loomed before you?

O Brother Jesus, did you know what was in store for you?

Did you cherish the moments with your
circle of family and friends,
breaking bread and pouring out the cup,
celebrating the richness of God's Grace
and recalling where God's presence has been revealed?

Or did you weep inside,
knowing this would be the last
the last gathering with your friends,
the last breaking of the bread you would enjoy,
the last moments of your life?

O Brother Jesus, in this time of waiting
and anticipating ... show us a glimpse of what you felt ...

As we prepare for what is looming before us,
grant us the peace that comes within the darkness ...

Be with us as we try to follow where you will lead ...

Be with us as we struggle in the shadows ...

Be with us as we sit with you and wait ...

O Brother Jesus, be with us as we pray ...

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